Jesus looked upward and said, “Father, I thank you for having heard me, I know that you always hear me. Then he cried in a loud voice, Lazarus, ‘come out.'”

Listening, turning inward,  is a skill we must develop and use if we are to call our Spirit back and take  accountability for our lives.

We are born into a family, a tribe, a cultural consciousness and there comes a time of divine discontent, when we decide it is time to unplug from the cultural distractions and tune into our individualized inner creative heart beat.

Our personal power is located in our third Chakra, the abdomen, where we receive divine ideas. When Jesus went to pray, he often took with him, Peter (faith), John, (Love) and James, (wisdom).  These three spiritual centers work together to create in us a sense of  individual well being and gratitude, that plugs us into our intuitive voice so we can hear our inner Thank Account.

Jesus looking up and saying “thank you” shows us that we can follow him by making deposits of gratitude in our Thank Account which appreciates in value and lifts our Spirit into seeing above the illusion of linear time and cultural consciousness and into the realm of possibility.

Notice, all of these actions are preceded by Listening. Listening is about noticing whether we are consciously attuned to Spirit because attuned, we naturally appreciate and love our inner Being; The late poet, Dorothy Parker once remarked: “I hate writing, I love having written.”

I appreciate this remark, for it shows an attitude and gratitude moves us through the fog of unconsciousness.

Notice the excuses ego uses to keep us unconscious;  “Lazarus come out,” calls back to life whatever dream, idea or intention may have been dying from lack of attention.

“Lazarus come out,” feel the power, let it move you in the direction of your dreams.

Thank you,

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