Love is Eternal

Everyday memories of my late husband Dave come into my mind.
They are welcome guests, for I have reached that place where
as these thoughts drift into my mind, they trigger memories of joy, family and love, and they bring gratitude for the many years we shared together.

It’s been a year since he passed.  I recently received a sympathy card from Hospice, but I know this in my bones.  When I feel tired, thoughts of losing him bring tears, but those tears also bring a realization of how grateful I am to have experienced such love.

This love is as strong in my heart today as it was the day we married.  I can sense his Presence assuring me, “You got this.” I know that I am never alone.  I can tap into the Love within me and notice a sense of peace rise up.  It is an exquisite touch of grace.

We are coming upon Palm Sunday and Easter and Spring.  All are promises of renewal, and a reminder that life and love is eternal.  That is the message that Jesus brought to us, a message to live a life of love for love binds us together as One family.  So he left us with one new commandment,: “To love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34)

I am reminded of a passage in the Just for Today calendar, which reads “I stop looking back with sadness or forward with worry.  I look within with joy and look around with appreciation.  I am here now.”
I am looking around with joy and appreciation at the beauty of life and how love presents itself in many ways.  In the ways my friends show up for me;  in the ways my kids seem to text or call at just the right time, because I realize its always the right time;  In the way I’m venturing out and becoming more active in other groups and learning new music and collaborating with other people to bring our Unity message to a broader audience.

Unity Principles keep me from staying too long in the memories of the past and also from worrying about a future.  The principles keep me mindful, present and willing to listen, wait, rest between tasks and allow the blanket of Presence to wrap itself around me.

In that moment, a soft breeze causes me to relax,  i can feel the vibration of a blackbird as it sings; a song from the Big Chill comes on and I smile  or I get a message from one of his brothers or his sister about Michigan statistic.

Mostly I remember he was my whole world.   I felt the world touch me as he reached out his hand to touch mine in his more lucid moments; but when I could see the Universe shine through his eyes as our eyes met, he was surrendered and at peace and  I knew his physical form would not be here for long.

Although he lost his ability to speak, I knew he loved me fiercely and I know that he is with me now reminding me to live my life in balance, as the photo of our lovely bird girl suggests.

Godspeed to all of us on our journey of life as we enter our Easter Season!
Rev Janice


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