Love is my Decision

I am grateful to so many of you who are continuing to support Unity of Fort Pierce with your tithes.  There are so many challenges going on in the world and our hearts truly go to the health care professionals and all the workers who are on the ground serving our society.   We too can contribute to the transformation of this crisis, by sharing and supporting one another and by becoming a  Disciple of Love through embodying and living the Truth of Love wholeheartedly. 

This takes place naturally when we notice and shift from the egoic monkey mind and choose to turn away, turn within, creating a space for love to express.   

Have you noticed that whatever decision you make the monkey mind takes exception and causes doubt to arise?  What would it be like to just notice that is only a neurological loop or pattern that has been ingrained in us?  And once we recognize these patterns are shadows from our past learning,  the jig is up.  We have the choice to not debate with these old shadow programs for we now understand that  all we have ever done and will ever do is a perfect reflection of our consciousness at the moment.

This chatter keep us believing when we fix the world the way we want it to be, we will feel better.  The truth is that our teacher and Master way-shower specifically calls us up higher.  “To live in the world but not of it.”

As we take a seat in pure awareness, we are deciding to take a seat in pure love and we become willing to cultivate our inherent goodness, our Godness.   

From a mindset of pure awareness we accept the world as it is, realizing if we are to be a Disciple of Love then we must use the Laws of Love and the laws of love are:  There is no getting, there is only giving. There is no loss there is only gain.  There is no sacrifice, only a willingness to give up our unwillingness. 

As we stop thinking we must be productive constantly or we are not worthwhile and allow ourselves to take a seat in pure awareness, waves of love flow through us and we become  conduits for acts of Love (Holy Spirit) to be expressed into the world. 

All of us are chosen to be Disciples of Love, but not everyone can hear this Truth, so share it with those you feel are ready to let love lead.

Love is my decision, is it yours?
Rev Janice 

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