Love is the Power of Life

We are born from the earth and once born, all of creation, as it takes its first breath yearns to belong to itself.

One of the oldest creation stories comes from the Anasazi.  The Anasazi (Ancient Ones) are thought to be ancestors of the modern Pueblo Indians.  In their story, “people – the human family” arrived as one.

This root understanding of oneness was passed down as they migrated from Africa to populate all the continents of the world.  This “original” story defined the way the people lived and worked together as One. Always taking into consideration how it affected the whole.  The clan had a group mind called “the participation mystique.”

This “participation mystique” lies deep within us.  The bonding is based on love and this love is the power of life.

This love has been experienced by every mother who “knows in her bones” when her child is ill.   I recall my daughter’s incessant search for the right and best treatment for her daughter when my granddaughter started to experience symptoms of not being able to draw with her right hand.   What the doctors initially thought to be nothing turned out that she had to have a tumor removed from her brain and underwent chemo and radiation.  My daughter was a fierce advocate for her baby.  What we sometimes call “Mother’s intuition” is fierce love and this love harkens back to the days of the ancients when we knew we were one.

There is much truth being pointed to in the verse found in Genesis 2 “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.”

Fierce Love is in our bones,


Rev Janice



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