‘Love One Another, as I have loved you.’

“Love one another, just as I have loved you.” ( John 13:34)”

This commandment is the Heart and Soul of the teachings of Jesus.  Let us begin 2021 by putting ourselves into the high frequency of Love.  The late Anthony De Mello, a beloved spiritual teacher offers so many great practices to Rise up into our Super Powers.

Why do we want to Rise up into this higher frequency?

Because we want to walk in the world from a Centered consciousness.  We want to live in a way where Love leads us and we allow our compassion and light to express even if we are faced with challenging people and circumstances.  We model what it is like to live as a Spiritual Being pulled by our Vision. .

Charles Fillmore writes in the Revealing Word that “love is an inner quality that sees good everywhere and in everybody.”  When we call on Spirit for healing, we are really calling on love to harmonize our body, our mind, our emptions and place them in alignment with Spirit.   Anthony De Mello gives exercises we can use to put ourselves in alignment with Love.  This is an adaption from his book Wellsprings

Let us enter into the temple of the heart.  See enshrined in your heart persons who have changed you by their love and those who you have changed by your love.  These persons can be present in your life or people from the past. They can even be people you have never met.  They can be your children, at any age, your pets.  As you hold the image in mind, notice how it creates within you a sense of love, of devotion.  Let this love flow throughout your Being.  Place one hand on your heart and imagine reaching out and touching them,  sharing this Love. As you touch each soul, say, “My love for you will never die.”        Let the love flow both ways. Imagine you and this person are being energized by this love. Let this love current flow freely for a few minutes.  As you complete this exercise, smile and know that you are preparing yourself to fulfill the commandment to experience what it is like to:  “Love one another as I have love you.”

Now go out into the world Riding on the current of Love.

Rise Into your Power
Rev Janice


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