I’ve always thought fishing is a spiritual practice. Even though I’ve never actually fished, the idea of sitting and waiting on or near the water, feeling the gentle rocking of the boat can cause one to relax and experience a peacefulness settle upon one’s Soul.

Metaphysically fish in the Bible represent ideas and the way ideas multiply.  Have you ever noticed you have an idea and it grows and before you know it others are even speaking of similar ideas. Ideation is a phenomenon unique to human beings.
There is an unlimited amount of ideas available for us to demonstrate, especially when we become conscious of our Godness.  Yes, you read that right. Jesus said in John 10:34 “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, you are gods’?  Even when we say God and I are One or the Father and I are One, we are implying there is a slight separation.

Like the story of the fish that was happy swimming in the sea yet he was in search of water.  When the fish jumped up out of the sea he could see he lives and moves and has his being in water.  We too must jump out of the worldly psychological dramas searching for happiness for when we leap up and out of those stories we enter a new realm, the spiritual realm of luminosity.

Luminosity is knowing Oneness, living Oneness, exalting and praising Oneness so that our high beams are on.  We walk in the world filled with gratitude, appreciation and love. This way of being makes us vulnerable and in our vulnerability, in our defenselessness, in our knowing there is no-thing to defend we shine.

This week we begin a series on the 5 Unity Principles – join us as we dive deep into these  principles which shifts our perception from seeking happiness to allowing our luminosity to shine.


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