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We just finished a series on the Five Principles of Unity.

I think of this photo as a synopsis of those Five Principles. No matter what is happening in life, whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, if we shift away from appearances and turn within we find there is an inner sanctuary of peace in the depths of our Soul where we can find comfort.

Grief, heartbreak, death or loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of any kind shuts our mind down to the point where we don’t even seem to have the energy to reach for an aspirin to alleviate the pain.  Yet that energy if we sit with it, breath into it, can open our heart space so wide that an essence rushes in to shave off the sharp edges of our mental machinations. In that moment we notice our capacity to face life with tenderness enlarges.

The Buddha said ‘”life is suffering” and while that is true we do not need to add additional suffering with our cultural stories or allow our ego to run rampant reasoning why something occurred.  If we take on the Spiritual practice of seeing God in all things even the darkest places begin to brighten.

When Jesus died the curtains of the Temple, it is said were rent in two.  “The earth shook and the rocks were split.” (Matthew 27:51)  During Jesus’ time, the Temple was the center of religious life. In the temple was a veil that separated the Holy of Holies.  Signifying the separation of God’s Presence from the rest of humanity.

To see God in all things is to see the Veil has been split and to live in Oneness.  We are not separate from God, we are of God, we are part of this Eternal Presence and our life on earth is to be born into the world and realize we are not of it, we are part of all the Good that God is.

Be Still and Know
Rev Janice


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