#Manchester strong

We practice Truth in memory of the children

We hold in our hearts all those who lost their lives in this recent terrorist bombing in Manchester.  They came to enjoy a concert in a land that is free and open and respects life, liberty and the pursuit of dreams.  It is the same story, the slaughter of innocents, a story as old as time.  Yet what this heinous act does is to reinforce the desire of freedom for the men and women who know the truth that as Spiritual Beings, life is eternal and these innocents have moved into another mansion in the House of God.

As for the terrorists, let us not fall into the story this is evil showing itself,  for what is showing is their ignorance.  They have bought into an ego mindset ideology and the only energy that can break those shackles is when they encounter unconditioned love.

This Memorial Day let us remember and give thanks for those beautiful innocent souls who came to play a part in waking humanity up.  Also let us pray for the families of the innocents, that they keep their hearts open and the memory of their loved ones  pure and free from the debris of anger, resentment and rage.

And to those who committed such senseless acts, let us pray they can free themselves from the energy of hate, anger and fear that has their souls completely bound.

Joel Goldsmith once said during World War II,  we cannot only pray for the allies, we must also pray for the so called enemy.  We include them when we pray so that all of humankind may wake up from this nightmare that is self-created and begin to experience the healing love of forgiveness which lifts us all into an awareness of our interconnection and  Oneness.

This Memorial Day, Remember Manchester, Remember 9/11, Remember the Slaughter of the Innocents in every generation but also Remember all the people who gave their lives for Freedom.  For it is when we are free that we can experience and express the compassion, the kindness, the wisdom and the love that lies at the core of human nature.  We are Spirit incarnated in a human body.  This Memorial Day let us recenter and recommit to remembering our spiritual nature where we are all One.


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