Metanoia, transformational change of heart

There is an old Unity song that goes, “I love myself so much, that I can love you so much, that you can love you so much, that you can start loving me.”  Singing this chant five minutes in the shower or driving in your car, lifts us into the vibrational atmosphere of love where we can remain centered in the mist of the challenges of the world.

We are not born fearful of each other, we are born to love one another.  Fear is never rooted in fact.  Fear is rooted in negative thoughts and the story lines in our heads.  Loving and appreciating ourselves is not selfish, actually it is selfless because then we can see others are caught in  their programming.

Metanoia is a word that means change of heart.  When we change our heart, we change the way we see ourselves and others.  Imagination and Love joined together keeps us devoted to our dreams while allowing things to be as they are and being guided by love to do what is ours to do in every situation.   In other words, we let Love lead the way.

When  Dave and I were on a Viking cruise, the captain came out one evening and shared a story of how he had always been a day-dreamer.  In school, he would look out the window and he would dream of the sea.  He day-dreamed of this so much, one of his teachers came to to his desk, wrapped him with a ruler and said “you will never amount to anything if you keep day dreaming and looking out the window.”

He said I always send her a Christmas card with a picture of myself as captain of this ship, looking out the window. 

When we experience a heart felt transformation, Metanoia, our heart opens like a lotus flower and we become less self absorbed.  This strengthens our immune system as to what others say for we are devoted to love and love guides our authentic steps.

Here are some practical things you can do to experience more Love in your life?

1. Say yes to yourself.
2.  Forgo an hour of TV for spiritual practice
3.  Feel your feelings without judgments.
4.  Take walks in nature. (sun bathing/forest bathing)
5.  Rest/Surrender into the Presence of Being

Rev Janice


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