Mindset of Sufficiency

How do we let go and let more of our True Self shine through us?  

I am reminded when I worked as an on-call Chaplain at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Kansas City and I would pour through the policy manuals on how I was to show up for different difficult and challenging situations, thinking if I could just understand it then I would know how to deal or handle every situation.

The biggest flaw in this thinking, which is how we can get ourselves tangled up and paralyzed in over analyzing everything,  is the word “I”

What we must cultivate is overcoming our self-conscious concern that what we are showing up for is about “me.”  If we want to be of service to life, to the essence and presence of energy that lives us, we want to show up with a mind that is clear and uncluttered of any agenda, especially about how others are perceiving us.

We don’t have to memorize any policy manuals or as my dad used to call  any “instructions” that came with any project or kit, “distructions.”

As Creative Beings, instructions, policy manuals,  rules of law are guidelines.  If we are to minister to life, we want to connect with our Source or Christ Self and allow the qualities of spirit to guide us, the qualities of compassion, kindness, generosity, wisdom, for this is the covenant with Spirit that Saint Paul speaks of in 2 Corinthians 3:4
“for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”

Let Spirit Lead,
Rev Janice


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