Mothers’ Day

Join us this Sunday as we appreciate and honor the qualities of mothering.

One thing I recall about my mother was each morning we sat together with a cup of tea,  preparing ourselves for the day ahead.  She used to say that if I had any concerns to please give them to her and she would carry them for me so that I could go out and carry on.

Mothering comes from many forms, female and male,  for what we are acknowledging is the nurturing, creative and compassionate aspect of God.  Myrtle Fillmore has often been called the “Mother of Unity” because she understood that it is through communion with our higher Source we can allow all of the qualities of God, the protective and the nurturing,  to be born into the world.

The art of Mothering is about allowing the feminine aspects of God  be born into the world which is another way of saying “Let our Soul magnify the Lord.”

What is the practical application of this today?
To practice forgiveness, to express empathy, to allow things to be as they are without fixing.

As we become still, we give thanks to the Father/Mother God for allowing us to be vessels of creation, bringing into the world new life which we can pour our love onto.  Allow this loving essence to permeate our Being.  In this Oneness we place ourselves at the center of Being and watch in awe, in gratitude how everything evolves in its own time.

Resting in Oneness, I hear the songs of a breeze.  A waterfall splashes, sending ripples out.  I notice and I hear these tiny things because I am at home in Being, allowing the Mothering aspect of God to take my concerns so that I can carry on.


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