Mother’s Day

” Honor your Father and Mother”
This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day with flowers, chocolates, cards. Some will receive breakfast made by their children and other acts of appreciation.
The dictionary says honor is to show respect, to hold in high esteem.
What are we respecting and holding in high esteem?  The feminine, nurturing, loving qualities of Divine Mind or God, in which spiritual ideals are brought forth.
Often this aspect of God is neglected in favor of the more active doing masculine qualities.  Interestingly, when you read in the Bible the advice to Wait on the Lord- this advice is to stop, listen and wait for your own Presence of Love to become known to you. The word Shekinah does not appear in the Bible, but the concept clearly does. Jewish rabbis coined this extra-biblical expression, a form of a Hebrew word that literally means “caused to dwell,” signifying that it was a divine visitation of the presence or dwelling of the Lord God on this earth.
We could call it Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness, it doesn’t matter, for the quality one feels in this communion is divine unconditional love.
Myrtle Fillmore, in Healing Letters, speaks of the importance for mothers to “not be anxious.”  She writes, “Dear ones, you are eternally one with your source, so it’s just a matter of getting still, peaceful, calm and serene with your thoughts, away for a while from all the outer activities and opening the way for the mighty and abundant inflow of Spirit that vitalizes, invigorates, builds up and renews every place in mind, heart, soul and body.”
My Nanna had a way of dealing with worries and concerns. She would say take those worries into the corner over there with a cup of tea and sit and worry about them for ten minutes and then give them up, shaking them off, and leave them.
The goal of living a mystical life is for us to become beholders of God in action, where we ascribe nothing to ourselves – we have no desires but an awareness of Presence or Shekinah.   Being a mother is an apprenticeship to living this mystical life because mothers learn very quickly that to love this new Being is to support, observe and let go.  A mother learns from the first contraction or application for adoption that we are not in control of how this new life will turn out.  We only know that it is of God and so therefore inherently good and if we are to be a positive, compassionate and nurturing aspect in their lives, we must remember that the same Spirit infills, guides and lives them that is in all creation and that they have incarnated to experience their own Journey.
Happy Mother’s Day
Rev Janice 

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