My Metaphysical Wake-Up Call

When I had a near-death experience in 1984, I had a conversation with a Being of Light which I thought was Jesus. This Presence was unconditionally loving. I asked this Being, “Why the world was the way it is? Why so many wars, fighting, why discrimination? Why is there strife between races? Why are women of every color discriminated against? Why am I discriminated against, I am not Eve? Why, why why?

This Presence said, “because people don’t know who they are.” I was in another dimension where I realized there is no death. No Heaven nor Hell. There is only Love.

I was told I had a choice and if I chose to live I would become a minister and share this awareness. I said “But I don’t even like the Bible and this presence said that is because you don’t understand it. If you choose to live you will be taught and share this with your family and friends or others who can hear there is no death, there is only Love.”

That was my metaphysical wake-up call and the beginning of my journey in finding Unity.

It was through Unity I gained insight into Scripture which, when interpreted through the spiritual lens, points us to this awareness.

The Bible is Our Story showing how we evolve from human to spiritual consciousness.

Join us as we SEE six Bible stories a little bit differently, through the Spiritual lens, and discover they are all pictures of our developing awareness that we are all offspring from the ONE LOVE.

Cost is $10/class or $55 paid in advance through Zelle, PayPal or a check payable to Unity of Fort Pierce at 3414 Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Pierce, Fl 34982. (Indicate on check Bible class)

Contact Rev. Janice to register and receive Zoom log-in instructions.

This Class gives us back the Bible as it makes it practical and relevant to our lives today in how to live in harmony with ourselves, each other and the Universe.


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