Our Minister

Rev. Janice Cary

Rev. Janice Cary

In her own words

I recall my first reading of Lessons in Truth by H. Emilie Cady and realized that life is unconditional love. Upon entering a Unity church, I heard for the first time “Father/Mother God,” and it quickened in me a desire to be less concerned with what others thought and to become more aware of Spirit.

Through Unity I gained an understanding that the Bible, and Jesus in particular, shows us how Love moves away stones of opinion, unblocking the light of understanding and wisdom so we may live in an awareness of Oneness.

I became first a Licensed Unity Teacher in Fort Myers and Bonita, Florida and then went to Unity Ministerial School, graduating in 2004. Unity of Fort Pierce is my first ministry, having just received my ordination in June 2005.

My undergraduate degree is in communication and journalism from Oakland University, but my real mentor, teacher and way-shower is the Christ within, and now with that understanding, I am really loving the Bible.

As Sunday service leader

Under the leadership of the Rev. Janice Cary, our Sunday Services are experiences that fill the sanctuary with feelings of appreciation, love and a desire to practice these living truth principles.

Rev. Janice weaves the Bible and other sacred scripture along with current topics and stories, bringing to light the practical, spiritual message of Unity and how living a Spirit-led life makes our lives more fun, healthy and harmonious.

Rev. Janice also draws upon her life experiences, using her many years as an entrepreneur, wife and mother. For example: During her recuperation from a serious car accident, Rev. Janice received the Daily Word from a friend, and from that moment forward her spiritual journey into ministry began to unfold.

Rev Janice’s messages are creative, dynamic and empowering. Our music is uplifting and inspirational. No one falls asleep!

Rev. Janice Cary sings a new version of The Lord’s Prayer that she wrote. We sing this at church throughout this year.

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