Out of the mouth of babes you have ordained strength. (Psalms 8:2)

Jesus teachingWe first moved to Florida in 1992. My daughter, Jill was entering high school and my son Steve middle school.  We had been active in a church in Michigan.  We had great friends and a good social life and wanted to meet new friends in Florida. So I set out church shopping. I had found a small Community church near us. The pastor was a Southern gentleman who, in a melting drawl ,called everyone “Beloved Sinners.” 

One Sunday morning I asked Jill to go to church with me and she said “No.” I coxed her, saying, “Come on, we’ll go out to breakfast afterwards.” She replied “No thanks.” Not to be deterred, I said, “Come on honey, why not?”  She said “I’m not a sinner.” I said “Of course not.” She replied “Why does he call everyone sinners.”

“Out of the mouth of babes… I thought to myself.

I saw the Daily Word sitting on our side table, which had been recently given to me as a gift, and set about finding a church that was part of this way of seeing the world. As it turned out, Unity of Fort Myers had just moved about six miles from our new home.

The next week I went, and Rev Ken did not call us “Beloved Sinners,” but he called us up and out from the dogmas and creeds and into the Universal vibration of love everywhere Present. And when he said “Thank you, Father/Mother God,” chills and God bumps coursed through my Being… I had found what I knew was true when I was a child.

We are not sinners but precious, and beloved expressions of the One.

I invite you to become a member of Unity of Fort Pierce. For when you join you are contributing to a spiritual worldview based on Love, based on Oneness and based on dignity and respect for all life.

Pick up a membership form and become part of our spiritual family. Let us model the Truth and know that we are not Beloved Sinners. We are the Beloved.

Rev. Janice


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