Overcoming is a Spiritual Practice

I have said this to you, so that in me you may have peace.
In the world you face persecution but take courage,
I have conquered the world.

What I’ve noticed is when I live from intention, I am more able to focus on what I want to achieve and keep myself free from the thousand other distractions that the world offers. Living intentionally, we find that it doesn’t matter so much what is happening around us.

Modern life is filled with more time-saving inventions and also distractions more than any other generation. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. In fact, I remember reading that Steve Jobs was obsessed with building a deep connection with consumers over his Apple iPhone. He was able to take science and technology and design it to be artistically beautiful.

Strategies for Living intentionally include meditation, walks in nature, yoga, Tai Chi, writing, singing, chanting. How do these spiritual habits help us stay focused and live on purpose, from intention? They allow us to calm the nervous system. They pause our thoughts so that our mind can clear and we enter into a spaciousness where we are able to overcome whatever challenge we are facing. This actually increases our faith.

Faith is an attitude that grows in us as we face challenges and overcome them. We start to have faith in our higher selves. We allow the emotional self to have its say, knowing it is part of the human spectrum of our emotions, and then we start again, beginning anew, fresh and ready to take our next steps.

It’s human to have emotional attachments to people, outcomes, events, even inanimate objects. As humans, we give meaning to these things. I am sure Steve Jobs understood how the neurology of the brain works and his company made products that tapped into our emotions creating in us a desire for our iPhones or whatever phone you currently love to use.

The thing to watch out for: Be sure you are using technology, and not letting it use you.

Rev. Janice


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