Palm Sunday

This Sunday is Palm Sunday.   It is the week of miracles which, when taken, can change the journey of our lives and make us see clearly and with an open heart.  A journey from judgment to acceptance; from criticism to creative empowerment, from being led by the fear of our ego to allowing the love of Spirit to lead us.

As many of you know my husband, Dave, suffers from Aphasia.  This disease has taken away this brilliant man’s ability to communicate, whether verbally or in writing.  It is now also attacking his ability to comprehend words.

I recently was sent by many in my family a write up about Aphasia because it has attacked Bruce Willis.  This article was well done, informative and shared that besides Dave and Bruce over 5 million people have this disease process.  They also stated that this was one of the worst diseases because of the feelings of isolation the person has due to the inability to interact with the world.  Yes, this process is like a thief in the night for every day brings another loss for him, however I will not buy into the statement that it is  one of the worst.  That description does not take into account how we can choose to live as we go through this experience.

Another topic in the news recently is the Chris Rock and Will Smith debacle.  Was it an insensitive joke over the Alopecia that Jada Pinkett Smith suffers?  Was it her husband protecting her?  Or do you think we ought to hear and amplify the voice of Jada herself describe how she is living with this disease?

Jada’s words are sage. They are words of wisdom.  She said:

“Me and this Alopecia are going to be friends.”

Dave and I are making friends with Aphasia,  we are living life fully.
Thank you everyone who  continues to connect with him, with a hand shake, a Michigan game comment or just a greeting.  These gestures of kindness mean the world to us.

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