Palm Sunday

Inner Resources

Every Sunday we affirm that Unity is a positive, progressive path of Spiritual Living.  The Bible is our main textbook and when we interpret the stories metaphysically, allegorically, we receive the nuggets of Truth for they show us how these same thoughts/feeling and emotions are in us.  Understanding this inner correlation of our inner resources and how they correlate to our outer circumstances helps us to live in a more intentional and meaningful way.

Our way-shower, Jesus’ ministry was a ministry of healing and Unity is a continuation of those healing practices.  Healing comes in many forms.  Our body is of nature, and it is the nature of nature to heal.  Our feelings and emotions are triggered by our thoughts. In the Bible they are called the “handmaidens of the Lord” for they respond to the thoughts we hold in mind and bring into manifestation the results.  Mary, and her cousin Elizabeth sowed in their mind the highest and best ideas and they brought forth these ideas of Jesus and John.

The connection between thoughts and feelings can be felt immediately.  If one thinks thoughts of lack and limitation, your body will soon reflect that worldview.  Your energy will drop and your shoulders will follow. If you think thoughts of appreciation, gratitude, praise  and abundance, you stand upright and  relaxed because you sense your own Presence and you feel a sense of healing, wholeness of body/mind/Spirit and that will be what you sow and show in your life.

Sunday is Palm Sunday.  Jesus’ riding a donkey into Jerusalem.  Metaphysically understood,  a colt symbolizes our animal nature.  It is located in our gut.  Our animal nature is not to be vilified, saying how sinful it is,  but like a puppy we must nurture this nature and train it to work for us through acceptance,  forgiveness, compassion and love.

In summary.  Use your head to Think Right Thoughts.    Lead with your Heart so you can see through appearances into the Spiritual realm, and listen to your Gut for it will show you how you are to treat your beautiful body, your animal nature,  to keep it calm and healthy.

Join us Sunday for this ride into Center.
Rev Janice


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