Pray – Prepare – Praise

Pray – Prepare – Praise

One day Jesus got into a boat with his disciples and said to them, “Let us go across to the other side of the lake.”  So they put out and while they were sailing, he fell asleep. A windstorm swept down on the lake and the boat was filled with water and they were in danger. They went to Jesus and woke him up, saying, “Master, we are perishing!” He woke up and rebuked the wind and the raging waves. They ceased and there was calm.  (Luke 22)

This story is found in Mark, Luke and Matthew so it must carry an important message to us.

We had planned a beautiful service this weekend with Rev Johannys Hartog from Miami and myself presenting the Five Unity Principles in music and message, yet it is not to be. I spoke with her this morning and she is evacuating the Miami area and so we will offer it another time, when the weather is once again lovely.

The most important thing is our safety. We will send another email about the status of our Services this Sunday once we know more.

The story of Jesus rebuking the wind is about the Christ of our Being rebuking the rising waves of fear that arise within us when we are faced with challenges such as a hurricane.

We can affirmatively pray: “Turn, right before Cuba, Irma, go out into the ocean. Subside.”

We can calmly do what is ours to do in order to prepare for this storm.

And we can give praise and thanksgiving that we have within us a voice of wisdom that will guide us through this storm.

So yes, rebuke the wind and the fear and absolutely know that you are safe because you are an expression of the One Life and are endowed with all you need to stay calm – prepare – and give praise.

I look forward to upcoming events at our Center and especially our Wed. Sept. 13 Brazilian Jazz Concert and Coffee House. What a celebration that will be!

All is Well,
Blessings, Rev Janice


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