Prayer is Creative Thinking

In Luke 11: 1-28 Jesus is asked by his disciples “Teach us to pray.” And from that request, we have the Lord’s Prayer, which, especially when reading with new eyes and heard with new ears, contains the spirituality of Jesus. Each verse takes us into a portal to go deeper in understanding and living from an awareness of Oneness.

Affirmative Prayer is based on turning within and calling forth the Truth of Being. Yet how can one call forth the Truth of being until one is aware of this connection? Unity’s Third Principle does just that.

Unity’s Third’s Principle is: “Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-Mind and therefore brings s forth wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good.”

An idea that would be helpful to release is that we are praying “to someone or something outside of us.” Nothing could be further from the truth, for as ancient wisdom says as above so below, as within, so without. We pray and affirm the absolute truth that God is all there is and we SEE God in all things.

I have included here a translation of the Aramaic version of the Lord’s Prayer as embodied by Rev James Roberts in his book, Saving the Soul of Jesus, the Spirituality of Jesus and It’s Practice. I invite you to use it and see if its poetic language causes a shift.

“Oh Divine Beloved, Your Radiant Presence Shines in all the Universe.
I will hold your Radiance and Beauty in my Heart – Create your Reign of Shalom Here and Now.  Use these Willing hands and this passionate heart.  May your Heart’s Desire become mine.  May they be joined as One.  Grant what we need each day in bread and wisdom.  Release us from the burden of our failures… as we release those who have failed us.  Break the hold of our Distractions and Free us from fears that hold us back, and the evil so close.  For yours is the reign of Shalom, the power and the song from age to age. Amen.  It is sealed in Trust.”

Even better is if you create your own Prayer to Being.


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