Prepare to Be Grateful

I love to cook and I am one of those cooks that like to prepare before I do any cooking. I understand not everyone has the time to do this and some use those shopping services where the slicing, dicing, and measuring have already been done. For me, the slicing, dicing, and measuring is kind of a meditation. As I am slicing, dicing and measuring, I can get myself into such a state of gratitude that I know the food is being blessed. However, this reverie must be monitored with wisdom as I’ve been known to leave out an ingredient in my euphoria.

I’m about to go shopping for some of the ingredients – the turkey, stuffing, cranberries and the seafood festival for those who prefer fish. Yet what cannot be purchased from the grocery store is our willingness to be open and unconditionally loving, filled with appreciation and gratitude for being able to share this sacred time and banquet with our family and friends.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving are the ingredients that create a feast of the heart. These ingredients cannot be bought at the grocery store but we can stir this well-being up within us by affirming:

“I gratefully accept the abundance of health and happiness the Universe offers me every day.”

Affirming Truth is a spectacular way to prepare ourselves to be filled with a euphoric atmosphere of Love this Thanksgiving.

Rev. Janice


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