Prosperity Club

Rev. Janice Cary

Rev. Janice Cary

By Rev. Janice Cary

Ten years ago, when I first came to serve as Minister at Unity of Fort Pierce, my secretary and I would choose which bill would be paid this week. Then a shift occurred within me. I realized it is not my work to build a large congregation; it is my work to build spiritual consciousness. I am not to be concerned about the number of people  but I am to see, hold a vision and give thanks for knowing that we are filled with people whose only desire is to practice spiritual principle and put God first.

We started by inviting the Board to join our prosperity program. Then when we saw how well this was working for them we invited the congregation. Today those who have chosen to take this Leap of Faith and follow the tithing way of life are more centered, focused, grounded, filled with enthusiasm and yes, prosperous and healthy in every way.

Dan, our board president, at first was hesitant yet shifted and has discovered “you cannot out give God,” as she experiences abundance flowing in all areas of her life. First, the Leap of Faith and now increased Trust in God is ever present. She has everything she needs with no lack.

Hanna, our treasurer, talks of how she wants to increase her tithe for she has experienced clarity in her focus and appreciation for all she has…

Alice, our worship service coordinator, started tithing through Unity fifteen years ago.  She had always “given” but had not “tithed.” Through good times and not so good times she never missed a tithe to where she was “spiritually fed” and now tells that in this period of time her wallet has always had money and her checkbook has always been generously balanced.

Spiritual principle is irrefutable. We could call it the Law of Mind Action or the Law of Attraction, but closer to principle is Jesus stating, “For to those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. ” (Matthew 25: 29)

We are speaking of consciousness here. Consciousness is Key. Circumstances happen; drama knows everyone’s address. We have the choice to stand firm and know the truth, God is my Source and I Choose to release the old program of lack and limitation and involve myself in uplifting conversations, speak life-affirming words, see and be grateful for the beauty and truth in all.

Join our Prosperity Program, leap over challenges, and experience life as it was meant to be: Healthy, Whole, Prosperous.


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