Prosperity or Labor and Toil

Matthew 20
The Parable of the Landowner and laborers is a story that likens the Kingdom of Heaven with a Landowner who went out and hired workers to work in his land throughout the day.  After agreeing with the daily wage of the time, the first group started work;  Then at 9 o’clock another group started, then more at noon and at 3 o’clock  and finally at 5.  When evening came he called them together to hand out their pay beginning with the last and going to the first.  When those laborers who were hired first saw that the laborers who were hired last received the same amount of wages they grumbled.  They thought it unfair those who started at 9 o’clock should receive more than those who started at 5 o’clock.  But the landowner replied “I am doing no wrong. I gave you what you agreed to;  Take what belongs to you and go.  Am I not allowed to give to these last the same amount I gave to you, if I so choose?”
Well, we could look at it saying how unfair those who worked the least earned the same as those who worked the most.  Report the Landowner to the Better Business Bureau.
There is another way to see this and that is from the Landowners viewpoint.
The parable begins with “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a Landowner.”  This metaphor says the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven is like a Landowner who gives.  The Kingdom of Heaven can only give.
Laborers in this story represent individuals who are free to place their attention where they choose.  They can make judgments about what is wrong and unfair or can appreciate the blessings that has come to them and others.
Insight dawns in us when we take ourselves out of the story and see with the eyes of Christ and let ourselves receive all the good we can hold;  Seeing this way we bless our work, our relationships, our creativity, our health, our life, our Father/Mother God.
Someone, somewhere will always have more or less than we have.
That is not the issue unless you say it is, pulling you out of the Kingdom;
The Kingdom of Heaven gives, the Landowner gives, God gives, If you choose to be, you are a part of the Kingdom of Heaven and your nature must be to Give.
Rev Janice

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