Do I love you?

Jesus had asked Peter three times whether he loved him and three times Peter responded: “Yes, Lord you know that I love you.”  Jesus then continued by saying “Feed my sheep.”

When we awaken to the Essence and Presence of Life, the Light within us that lives and animates us, we know this little light of ours becomes a flame of love or Agape when we use our light in the service of life.

There is no better high or more meaningful experience than to support another on the journey of life.  I had a call from a distraught young man the other day who was filled with grief over the loss of his friend. He said that he knew he did not want to stay in these feelings because he was fearful of what they would manifest in his life.  I shared with him that his feelings were expressions of grief which is love that is needing to express.  We all need to step out of what we think we should be doing or how we should be acting and give ourselves some compassion for being willing to show and engage with life.

Byron Katie writes in her book, The Friendly Universe:   “Do I love you” is the only thing I need to care about. This question is asking us to see beneath the actions and reactions of ego and into the heart of the Truth.  Am I committed to seeing that all of us are one hundred percent committed to their lives and all of us are greater than our thoughts and feelings and conclusions?

Life is the greatest teacher. Relationships are containers of love, which we can use to awaken together and walk in life from a path of love. I said to this young man that he was wanting to let his light shine or he would not be calling out for support.  Though he will always miss his friend, the love for him and all the experiences they had together are in him and will support him in moving forward for his light wants to continue.

“I Am” is the God of the living (Mark 12:27). Jesus went on to say “For when they rise from the dead… they are like angels in heaven.”  When we awaken from our sleep, when we arise from thinking we are only human bodies, we awaken to the light and become like angels.  Angels are messengers of God, of good and our mission on earth is to support life and co-create a world that works for all life forms.  This means we must continue to let our light shine so all can see and do likewise.

Blessings, Rev Janice


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