Happy New Year. 

We are bombarded with Resolutions to “Get Fit”  “Join this gym” “Power up your Core with these easy moves”  And for only $135 you can buy a ‘Fit Bit’ to track your progress.  Then there’s the Financial Resolution.  “Never worry about money again, six simple ways to invest in 2016.”  Then there’s the Nutritional Resolution.  “How and what you should eat, to reduce belly fat and the best juicers and mixers you can buy with  easy to follow menu plans to follow.”
New Year’s Resolutions, I find, usually don’t work because they come from the thought that something is wrong with us in the first place and we need to DO something about that which is wrong with us.
When all we really need is to wake up out of this insanity and re-discover and reclaim the Truth of our Being.  
In (Luke 15:8) is the story “I once was Lost, But now I am Found.” 
“What woman with ten gold coins would not if she lost one, lights a lamp and sweeps out the house in search for it until she found it.  And then when she had found it calls together her friends and neighbors saying ‘rejoice with me, I have found the gold coin I lost.’ In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing among the angels of God over one recovered lost person.”
We loose ourselves when we try to fix ourselves.  The best Resolution we could make is to BE Ourselves.   
I read a story of a divorced couple who put aside all of their issues they had with each other and came together to move heaven and earth to try and find their high school daughter who went on a graduation trip to Aruba and went missing.  They hired private investigators and went to Aruba, interviewing everyone and combing the seas, looking for her.  It was over two years, and they were still looking… now even for her lifeless body.
“Ask and it will be given you; search and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.” (Matthew 7:7) promises Jesus,  but this is saying to turn and ask, search and knock inside your own Being.  That is where YOU are. That is where I AM.  That is where GOD IS.
We had a great white stone ceremony, many wonderful spiritual qualities were chosen and names selected.  Here are some from the Metaphysical view:
Patience, (a state of mind that beholds the world from the harmony of the Christ Mind.)  Faith (The power to See in Spirit)  Freedom (Freedom lies in your own mind as we realize God is in charge).  Grace (The Truth of Be-ing)
I appreciate the book Guardians of Being by Eckhart Tolle and the art work by Patrick McDonnell.  Filled with illustrations of simple seemingly unremarkable things, inviting us to Be aware and reminding us in order to Be aware we need to be quiet inside.
So yes, my Resolution is to “Ask, Search, Knock” and the door opens inwardly into the Secret of Being where I am found once again. Let us Rejoice together!
Blessings to all
Rev Janice aka Pandora
Wednesdays at 11 Am  Insight Meditation with Rev Janice
Join us for guided meditations which relax, renew and recharge the mind, body and Spirit.  Experience the benefits of peace and calmness that comes from Being Still.
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