Rivers of Living Water

John 7:37
Jesus stood and cried out “if anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, from within him, will flow rivers of living water.”

We’ve just celebrated Easter.  We are the Easter people.

The above passage fits us perfectly for Unity is a continuation of the educational teachings and Principles brought to us by Jesus, the Christ, our way-shower.

Jesus, the man of Nazareth, discovered within him this Christ seed of Divinity.  Through much prayer, fasting,  and doing the inner work, he surrendered his ego completely into the Spirit of God, becoming a Christ.

Fr Richard Rohr,  In his book Falling Upwards describes Jesus as the greatest teacher of the second half of life awareness.  What this means, is that when we evolve out from the first half of life issues, which has to do with creating boundaries, identity, career, family, and all the ideations of the ego dualistic belief system, our eyes open into the unitive consciousness of One Spirit of which Jesus is speaking in the Scripture above. This is Spiritual seeing and when we are seeing from spirit and living from Spirit, we are drinking from the well of living water.
Come, drink of this water , for you will never thirst again.

Rev Janice

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