Saints and Sinners

Can you be bold enough to call yourself a Saint?

The word Saint comes from the word Sanctus which means holy.  Truly, a saint is one whose priority is to experience the love of God above everything else.
It is a person whose eyes have awakened to the exquisiteness of life and chooses to consciously live from this awareness.

Yet to see God expressing everywhere can be challenging,  for this inner splendor is sometimes disguised behind outdated concepts of sin.

I read a wonderful definition of sin from Rise and Shine, written by Rev Ann Marie Acacio, who defines it as “self-imposed nonsense.”  As humans we can slip from the awareness that right where we are God is.

Anyone who has a longing to experience the peace and love God is, we can call a Saint.
If you enjoy nature, music, dancing, loving, laughing, living.  If a child, an animal, a flower, a photo, a memory, a creative moment, music, anything at all about life that makes you smile, you are being called into a larger expression of God.

We also get the word sanctuary from Sanctus and our spiritual living room, our sanctuary,  is a sacred space where people come and experience fellowship, which is the love of God, collectively.

Join us this Sunday at 10 and discover all of us are a conscious breath away from knowing we are beloved Godlings, Saints in the making.

Rev Janice


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