According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, there are three principles which are present in most world religions.  If we state them in a concise manner they would be:

1.  Every age of man has believed there is an invisible world beyond form.
2.  Divinity within is a part of every human – “It’s in every one of us”….
3.  The purpose of life is to discover it.

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term that means awakening. I have been sitting with, pondering and drawing this symbol, allowing this action to slow the mind down.

Often, I think we can be awake in certain areas of our life and oblivious in others. When Satori is experienced, clarity dawns and suffering is recognized as a gift that can shift us to a higher perspective until Kensho is experienced – which is seeing into one’s true nature.

The Tao of leadership says: “Learn to unclutter your mind. Learn to simplify your work. As you rely less on knowing what to do, your work will become more direct and more powerful.  You will discover the quality of your consciousness is more potent than any technique or theory or interpretation.”

Unity’s Second Principle is: “Human Beings have a spark of Divinity them.” The quote by Louise Hay at the top of this article does not need to cause us any worry, for when we touch Satori, when we calm our mind,  our heart opens and we connect with Love, our Source, where all our thoughts are naturally God-inspired and good for all.  That is how we can discern our voice of wisdom from the voice of ego.

Jesus said to his disciples in John 10:34, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods?'” And in Matthew 10:7 he told his disciples: “Go and preach this message: ‘The Kingdom of heaven is near.'”

What if we understood Satori is an awakened state where we know we are being lived by an eternal essence of love, and we can align our body-mind to vibrate where we can receive this level of realization that we are One with this One Life Force? Then as we work and walk and play in the world we are directed by the same Energy of Love and Light that directs all the Masters of Life.



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