Saving Grace

Living the practices of the Universal Christ takes us from “me to we.”  This shift in awareness allows us to be more inclusive in how we see.  Looking out from the awareness of our own Being we can become aware that we  truly Live, move and breathe in a Presence, a mystery that we cannot put into words.  Looking outward without judgements and opinions our eyes open to allow the Light which lives us to reveal to us what we are looking for and at is looking at me.

One day in ministry school we were experiencing a prolonged meditation. There was a moment where this shift of perception occurred in me.  It seemed as if that which I was looking at was actually looking and if I could receive it, it was revealing that we are all part of an aliveness that is filled with love, guidance, wisdom and grace.

Another friend of mine once shared that while sunbathing on Fort Myers Beach, all of a sudden he became One with the waves and sand, birds and air.  This mystical gift of awareness is a nudge to get us to shift out of our constant “thinking” and into looking out from our Light in a more gentle and  contemplative manner. This is the saving Grace.

Grace for me is understanding that no matter what is happening in our lives, even when we loose all that we think we must have, we never loose the Love that is our True Divine Spiritual Self.

St. Paul calls this the Christ Presence and this Christ must first be acknowledged within us before Christ can be recognized in others.

Fr Richard Rohr writes “God loves things by becoming them.  We love god by continuing the same pattern.”

To me, this is saying, do not look away from anything uncomfortable but embrace it in your saving grace;  No longer call things good/bad but see them as polarities.  Understand that when I call something bad I put myself at war with it and this war is in me.

Practice the Universal Pattern of Divinization
1. Affirm:  “I am a radiant Being.”
2. See the sacredness of Being in all creation
3.  Realize The light in all creation is the saving Grace.

“I am the Light of the World,” is Christ seeing.
Rev Janice


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