Self Created Reality

Fan the Flame of Love
practice, practice, practice

We often talk about how important self-care is and we need to love ourselves enough to do all we can to live in a healthy and empowering manner.  This idea is great, except the world comes in and all the distractions and urgencies with children, family, parents, and work comes up and we can feel stressed.

I know this is true for me currently, there are times the stress of keeping Dave safe, secure and supported is exhausting.  He’s not able to go to the day care centers at the Council on Aging nor the Alzheimer’s Care Centers as he is much too active for them.

I have surrendered that idea and am interviewing some private home care companions to redirect and refocus his attention.

This is what we all need. To redirect and refocus our attention, but not on doing something else, but listening for what is ours to do.  The class I am facilitating starting next Wednesday is called the Naked Now. It is a journey, moving from living from concepts to what we think should be happening to having a direct experience with life.

Living life from a direct experience, suddenly the playing field is leveled and God/Spirit/Love is available to draw upon and lift us into the Love of Being.

Take a moment now and practice the Great Unsaying, which Richard Rohr talks of in The Naked Now,  by breathing the Sacred Tetragrammaton YHVH.  No need to implore or supplicate, just breathe YHVH.

Turning inward and breathing YHVH is the greatest Self-Care you could Practice.  Do this twice a day and watch how your life becomes filled with Love, with Peace, and with an awareness that you are not alone but the living Presence Lives within.

Join us starting Wednesday August 17 at 7 pm for this class, either in our sanctuary or on Zoom.  Your consciousness will become prayer conditioned.

Rev Janice Cary


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