Self Referencing

Radical Self awareness is a term Rev Robert Brumet uses in his book Living Originally. He says the far enemy of living radical self awareness is unconsciousness, spacing out, going on “autopilot.”  Self referencing is a practice we can use to bring us “back to life.”

When I lived in Fort Myers, my daughter jointed the high school band and made friends with a family whose son was the band major.  They were and are a beautiful family.  He had an older sister who had just graduated college and she and her fiancé’ were planning their wedding and lives together when he decided to break off the engagement.  She was heartbroken, and her mind took her into many scenarios of what if only…as those who have experienced loss of any kind can understand.   Her mind was thinking of an alternative reality when she pulled out in front of a huge truck who could not stop in time and she was killed instantly.

This is an extremely tragic story to wake us up from our thoughts; for if we follow and believe the story line of our thoughts, (our ego) we are guaranteed to experience immense suffering.

One of the laudable demons we often hold in mind which takes us out of the Present is the idea of self-improvement.

The desire to take care of our body temple and our mind comes from our higher Self, our Spirit, calling us to engage in a spiritual practice where we touch the hem of Self-Love in the stillness.

The intention of spiritual practice is not to make everything just as we think it should be, the intention is to transform self-improvement into Self-Referencing where we can know and feel the wholeness of life and place ourselves in a receptive position.

Self-improvement is a goal with agendas; Self-referencing is noticing where our attention has traveled; has our attention left Reality and if so, we are missing out on our Life.


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