Spiritual Community

“For where two or three are gathered in my name,I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20)

When you enter into the sanctuary of Unity of Fort Pierce you enter into a space where people have gathered for years and gather today  to discover, deepen and celebrate their spiritual awareness.

It is an awareness that goes under all masks, and allows the veil of illusions to drop away, revealing  that the Christ Consciousness is the Living Presence that lives us and is available to all.

The Christ consciousness, we in Unity believe, was demonstrated fully by Jesus, which is why we do not worship him, for that is not what he taught, but we call him our way-shower and invites us to listen to his teachings, words, parables, and apply these Universal principles to our lives.
Why?  Because when these Universal principles are followed they makes ones lives better, healthier, more prosperous.

So when you enter Unity of Fort Pierce, we welcome you home to a healing and creative field of energy.  For where two or more people come together they create this field. An energetic field of unconditional love.

Lets go deeper.

When we are “prayed up,” instead of looking outside ourselves and beg for God to fix us,  when we turn within to our own Consciousness, when we take full accountability for how we are showing up and we choose life, we choose to hold visions and speak words of Truth, of affirmative, empowering statements to our subconsciousness, we align our conscious and subconscious mind with the Super conscious Mind, we rise up out from the bondage and debris of the world.  The Super conscious mind takes over. The Mind of God in us, the Light, the Christ. In communion with our Higher Self, we have all the power and authority to say: “It is no longer I that live but the Christ lives me.”

That is Holy Community – that is Holy Union – that is why we gather in Unity.
Join us this Sunday as we continue our series on Luminous Life.
Rev Janice

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