Spiritual Cross Fit

“Body Attunement” 

“I will pour my spirit on all flesh;  your sons and daughters shall prophesy”…

In the Hebraic tradition Esther is celebrated in her role of saving her people. A power struggle between King Ahasuerus and Queen Vashti brought about the removal of Queen Vashti and the appointment of Esther as First Lady of the empire.  Soon after this appointment, troubled started to brew for her as she heard of a plot to kill all Jews and thus far she had kept her ethnicity quiet.  Mordeci, her uncle, told Esther of the plot and pleaded with her to go to the King and to make “supplication to him and entreat him for her people.”   Her secret would be blown.  Not only would she be pleading for the life of her people but her own life!  She knew what had happened to Queen Vashti so she was sure the same fate awaited her. Mordeci, said to Esther, that God had  brought her to this place of power “for just such a time as this.”  (Esther 4:14).

Let us look at this metaphysically and see how these thoughts (Ahasuerus) and feelings (feminine aspects of our being) are in us and evolve.

King Ahasuerus represents a dictatorial will puffed up by its conquests and dominated by ambition.                                                                                                         Vashti, represent our inexperienced  personal emotions of love.  We feel we want something or do not want something and that should be it.            Esther represents a mature spiritual love and its power to dissolve a dictatorial will.

Esther invites us to see our ability to respond to challenging situations is directly proportional to our sense of wholeness  which comes from being centered in spiritual love.

Grounded in our Center of Being, our words, are compassionate, clear and confident.

SUNDAY JANUARY 25  Join us as we continue our Spiritual Cross Fit Training and experience body attunement through Qi Gong.

Congregational Meeting and Board Election 12:30 Join us and be an active  part of your Spiritual Center.

Blessings, Rev Janice


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