Spiritual Devotion

It is only in the present moment we can listen lowly and hear our intuition and be guided by our soul.
To listen and wait is to tap into the higher dimensional frequencies, allowing, ideas, words and next steps to be revealed.

I was reflecting on last Sunday’s topic which was “Love One Another as I have loved you,” and how to put this commandment into practice.

I decided to pull out a set of my Doreen Virtue Angel cards to assist me in this connection to my Higher Self.  You don’t need any cards to connect to your Higher Self, but I felt called to bring them out and pick three cards.
The deck I used was the Jesus Christ cards. After shuffling and putting into three piles, I turned over the top three cards placing them in the position of ‘past – present and future.’

The first card I turned over was in the ‘present’ position and it read “Love one another as I have loved you.” Divine synchronicity, since it was the topic of our sermon. The second card I turned over was in the position of ‘past.’  It read:  “Judge not.”
Considering this, I feel it is telling us – if we are to follow the commandment of “Love One Another,” we must realize it is our judgments that block us from allowing love to flow into and through us.   It is judgements that block our eyes seeing the light of God expressing in, all and as all creation. I love to be around a child and see the world through eyes that have not yet been dimmed by cultural prejudices.  Eyes that penetrate through appearances into the Soul of Matter.

The third card I turned over was in the ‘future position,’ and it read: “Your Heavenly Father knows you have need of all these things.”
What things?

As Spiritual Beings incarnated into a human physical body, we need love, food, water, shelter.  Our inner most essence is Spirit/Love/God.  This essence of us knows what our body needs – knows we’ve been created in such a way we need one another to thrive.  We need one another because we are all part of the One that we express from. We come from Spirit, we return to Spirit. While we are in physical form, let us be guided by our Soulful Love that abides deep within our Being.

Rev Janice

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