Spiritual Direction

“Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”  Luke 5:4.    

Many of us surf the internet, check Facebook, use Instagram and other social media applications to check in with what is happening in our world of friends, acquaintances and even those we don’t know personally but are interested in “following.”

What if, we checked “In” with our InnerNet, our Internal Soul’s GPS system.  The word Consciousness means “to see together,” see the underlying essence, the ground of Being that all physical forms come from and returns.

A metaphor for consciousness, writes Jane Elizabeth Hart in Spiritual Power Tools, is like an iceberg and our intuition is like an ice pick. We can only see the top part of the iceberg but under the water lies the majority of it.

Likewise, our Soul, when we sit for meditation, almost immediately we think of things that need to be done.  If we allow those surface thoughts to pass, we notice that we are able to sink deeper into Being where we become aware that we are observing these passing thoughts/feelings/emotions and in allowing ourselves to “continue to put out into the deep”  our mind becomes clearer and we are able to catch Divine ideas.  Ideas that come from clarity are powerful for they come from a higher perspective.

I remember snorkeling at John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo.  The guide boat took us out to the reefs where we went into the water and we could see an immense and beautiful amount of fish and sea creatures of ever color, shape and size.  Also there is a statue of Jesus with his arms raised up.  The fish swim through his outstretched arms and around the statue.

Another metaphor for our Soul is that to transcend the ego is not so much about going up, up and away as it is to go inward, heart ward, into the Soul of our Being where we can viscerally feel our interconnection.  The problem for most of us is our ego does not want to loose its illusion of “control.” Meanwhile the Christ of us, reaches with outstretched arms calling us Home.

The Iceberg chucks of ego are chipped away every time we listen to the call of our Being rather than the siren calls of the world. “To put out into the deep and let down your nets” does not mean we must always put ourselves into a formal meditation sitting. It is meeting each moment as a friend.

Think about it.  When we meet a friend, as I did this morning, the only preconception I have is my gratitude in being with and seeing this person.  Struggle about anything is the ego’s desire to keep us safe and for everything to remain the same.  Yet we know it can’t.  Meanwhile our Soul is calling us into a higher rate of vibration where our consciousness expands and we observe ourselves as part of everything.

With deep gratitude I say “Thank you” to all who continue to support and live our spiritual teachings, keeping Unity of Fort Pierce a beacon of hope, faith, compassion, love and joy in the world.

May you Feel your wholeness
Rev Janice


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