Spiritual Practices

“Until you put your tush on the cush, you’re only talking about it.” (Rev. Robert Brumet)

The above quote is about stopping all the talk, the opinions, the rationalizations of engaging in any spiritual practice.  I am reminded when I went to Unity of Fort Myers and our minister Rev Ken would lead a silent meditation group each week. Before we entered the silence he would say a few words to attempt to get us settled in and we would begin 20 minutes of extended group silence.  Meditation, when one becomes aware, is a tool we use to “touch the hem of the garment” or inquire into our true being, our unconditioned consciousness.

One day as I sat, fidgeting and slyly glancing at my watch, a perception dawned in me that I was made from love and was truly love incarnate.  After the meditation we would have a group share, and I shared this awareness. I recall Rev Ken saying yes, you’re on the right track. I said “well if I know I’m love, then I don’t really have to keep meditating, I know this as truth.”  To which he replied, “Janice, I love you too much to let you think you do not need to meditate. You need it to keep yourself aware that you are not your thoughts and feelings, you are that which observes them.”
That statement shifted my perception and rather than seeing meditation as something I needed to do,  it became something I wanted to do. I wanted to feel that unconditional love, peace, knowing that all is well as it is, which only comes through entering the stillness.

Quantum physics, epigenetics, Reiki, Unity Principles, all point to the same thing.  There is One Presence and Power in the Universe.  There is not an additional entity inside us.  We say we have an inner child, we say we have a monkey mind, we say we have an ego. All of those are mental concepts that overlay the truth of pure consciousness and the wisdom which is revealed from a depth of knowing that has been called in the Bible Jacob’s Well.

This week we look at the Samaritan woman at the well and how when Jesus asked her for a drink of water she was so surprised it knocked her out from her prison of culturally conditioned mental concepts and into a Sabbath state of mind.
Spiritual practices are tools that we can use to quiet the mind, calm the emotions and rise up into a higher frequency where insight is revealed.

I recall a person calling me wanting to raise money to go to India so she could be enlightened.  I invited her to save her money and begin a meditation practice, to which she scoffed.

Our breath lifts us above our structures of knowing.  Conscious breathing meditation is a way to pull the mind out from the body, realizing that the body is an instrument of consciousness.  As our energy ascends and melds with pure consciousness  we transcend and transform feelings and survival emotions into creative emotions freeing  ourselves from past programming.

Jesus said it like this to the woman at the well, “Give me a drink of water,” which shocked her into worthiness.
Wow,  take a drink of water and clear yourselves of error thoughts, who you think you are and realize that right where you are unlimited possibilities are waiting for you to say “yes” to bringing into manifestation in Your neck of the woods.
Blessings, Rev Janice  


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