Spiritual Truths of Barbie

Join us this Sunday, October 29 for a special presentation of “The Spiritual Truths of Barbie.”

Whether you loved Barbie, as I did,  and had all her friends, houses, campers and clothes or whether Barbie was not on your radar you don’t want to miss this Sunday.

Come and join in the fun as we discover or deepen our awareness of how Barbie evolved throughout the years and also supported the evolution of the consciousness of not only girls but our society.

Today you can find Barbie in many colors and sizes.  Stereotypical Barbie embraced change and growth.  She was constantly reinventing herself.  She engaged in many career choices, showing young girls that it was possible to dream, and dream big.

Come and meet the many faces and phases of the dynamic Barbie.

Barbie and Ken
Rev Janice  

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