Vacations, new adventures, different places to see and enjoy are fabulous and they give us insight and experience into different cultures and ways of life.

However, Staycations can also fill us with enthusiasm, gratitude, and appreciation without the exhaustion of travel. I love to sit in our lanai and sip some coffee or tea in the morning as it takes only a moment for the energy of God to clear away the debris of the world, opening my eyes and heart to a deeper appreciation for where I live and what we have here in our own “neck of the woods.”  I love when I can walk along the shoreline of the ocean, or take a swim in our pool or ride my bike in and around our subdivision.

Our eyes gradually become blind to all the incredible beauty and experiences that are available right here before us.

Two weeks ago I had some YAG Laser surgery done on my eyes so that I would not get glaucoma. The doctor said that the Laser beam would go into the iris and open a way for the fluid to be released so as this type of glaucoma, which  I was genetically predisposed to, would not cause blindness. I said to him that I was very appreciative of this condition was found and there was a treatment to offset this catastrophe of losing my sight. A few hours after the procedure, I could feel so much energy in my eyes that I felt like I was a cartoon character with beams of energy light pouring out my eyes and boring into other objects.

Likewise, if we want to see that we live in the midst of the Kingdom of Heaven right here and now, the only place we need go is inside and allow our attention to bore into our Soul bringing up in us the realization that right where we are God is and in that awareness the veil of “not enough” to do around here falls away.

Join us this Friday at 6:30 for some pizza and at 7 for our summer Bingo night. We have some exquisite raffle prizes. A singing bowl, a suitcase, A gift card from Fusion Hair Salon, Massage certificates, Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi and Reiki certificates. And when our eyes open wide, we realize how much we love playing and supporting our spiritual family and spiritual center in this Fun-Raiser.

B One
Rev Janice


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