Summer Prayers

School is out, summer camps and various activities are being lined up for children, excitement about vacations, days in the mountains or spent at the beach play in our minds.

It’s a most wonderful time of the year, the beginning of summer.

Next week Dave and I are flying to New Hampshire to attend our grandson, Matthew’s, high school graduation.  He’s planning to attend Bard University in the fall.  When I first started at Unity of Fort Pierce he was only a month old. Time has passed so quickly in my experience.  And yet time is a mental construct.

In the midst of all the changes on the horizontal plane let us take this summer to really understand and experience that the only time there is, is Now. To live a meaningful, fulfilling life is to be Present in the only  moment there is, which is now.  Spiritual practices are all about bringing us home to this moment and this one so that our mind can be cleared of the mental concepts which cloud our view of the beauty and Godness in which we live and move and have our being.

It seems paradoxical to say live in the moment and hold a Vison.  In Unity we are always holding the high watch or a vison of the highest and best.  Yet, when looked at from a deep understanding, holding a vision is what helps us respond to the world.  Where we focus carves out how we experience what is showing up in our lives.

So, what is showing up for you this summer?  What opportunities and challenges are you to overcome?

The story of humanity is all about overcoming the horizontal plane, by  being grounded and rising above the comings and goings of the ten thousand things.

Let this be the summer that we cross the Jordan, meaning that we cross over onto the other side so that we can live in the world from the vertical axis, knowing that we are all expressions of God, of Spirit, of Love.

Let us cultivate the courage to live from a direct experience of life, without the conceptual stories and opinions and allow the inner wisdom of our heart to lead.   This summer let us son bathe so that we shine with the Glory that God, the light of Christ, which is in us, as us, and through us.  Let us reach out our hearts, our minds, our voices, our hands to demonstrate an incredible way of life is available to all.

Namaste’, Aloha, Mahalo
Rev Janice


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