I know summer officially begins Memorial Day, May 30th yet the weather has already crept up into the high 90’s.  Many of our members, including myself and Dave, are preparing to enjoy our summer vacations.  Some will travel abroad, some will stay in the US.  Wherever your travels take you, go knowing that the light, love and wisdom of God is within you.

The past few years have been challenging for our planet.  The anti-everything movement seems to be simmering and boiling over.  As we look upon the horizontal aspect of all that is unfolding, let us step into the vertical axis, where we raise our vibration and our sight becomes insight, for we can see through the appearances and cultural clashes.

Travelling throughout the country and the world gives us a true education as to how the human family lives and thrives in other lands; how people interact with each other and the values they place on family, children and mother earth.  As we look from a Nameste’ or Christ consciousness, we will see how its only the outer shell that looks different.  Our heart knows what we are seeing and experiencing is the full spectrum of what it means to be human.  We are similar,  interdependent, interbeings.

Summertime is perfect to  practice the art of “Presencing.”  This art seems to be a little easier to practice when we take ourselves away from familiar surroundings which can lull us asleep.  When we are new to an area, we must bring ourselves present to discover where we are.  The GPS system, in my opinion, is one of the best inventions ever, yet we cannot rely totally on that technology, for I’ve experienced it can get some things wrong.  Once Dave and I were driving down a curved road in Southern France when the GPS told us in a British accent  to turn right.  Had we listened and done so, we would have careened off a cliff.

Yet there is an internal GPS system that is never wrong for us.  Summer is a great time to hone and trust that skill of listening for its wisdom and applying it to life.  As we go on vacations,  or staycations, let us let go of all the worldly affairs and turn to spiritual consciousness.  We are not ignoring the world, we are only choosing to not be consumed by it.

Please remember to support your spiritual center with your love offerings as you travel for we intend to “Keep the Light on” for your return.
Rev Janice


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