Mastering Energy”                                              

Energy is everywhere; we live in the midst of fields of energy waves; some of these are measurable fields, such as light, sound, magnetism and radiation. Some are biofields or subtle fields – these higher frequencies, called prana or chi are converted to slower energies through the channels called chakras, medians or nadis.   These energies act like antennae, receiving and sending information.  

We are born into energy and it is the hero’s journey to master life’s energies by directing and using energy wisely.

How do we learn to use energy wisely?  First, notice the energy and, if we notice it, we will also see there is a space between the energy, the stories we create and any action we take.

A toddler is filled with energy and this energy causes him or her to run – A toddler does not understand the danger of running into a busy street because he or she has not yet learned how to reason in this world. 

A teenager filled with energy and hormones, feels the uncomfortable internal energies and struggles between being a child and entering adolescence.   This raw energy can seem to rock the body temple. If left unobserved, these uncomfortable energies may cause him or her to seek attention through shoplifting or trying to ‘get away’ with breaking some law.

One person in a couple decides it is time to end a relationship.  Perhaps both have known this was coming, but now that it has happened, a new energy pattern is created.  This energy pattern may result in a challenging time for one who does not know how to notice, acknowledge and handle energy appropriately. 

Culture creates stories to scare us into pushing the energy of our feelings down, calling them bad and often using shame, guilt, blame and fear as its stick.  Yet feelings, emotions and thoughts are all subtle energies and overlaying them with stories only keeps them trapped. 

Neal Donald Walsh was asked “what is our purpose?”  He  replied “Our purpose is to heal the moment.”

Jesus was a master energy healer of the moment.  He realized “the Holy Spirit abiding within us is able to do all things for us.”  This Divine Energy – call it God or creative energy, stands ready to manifest itself within us in whatever form we call it. 

The poet said “Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.”  Who or what are you willing to forgive this day?  What concept must you let go of to be cleared to live fully?  Who are you willing to be this day? 

Mastering our energies is being willing to show up, surrender and begin again and again and again. 

Blessings, Rev Janice 



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