Taking a God Moment

“We played the flute for you and you did not dance, we wailed, and you did not weep.” (Luke 7:31)


When our granddaughter Eden was with us a few weeks ago, just before she was to get into her car for the return trip home, she came into the house and said: “I need a Chloe moment.” That phrase is scorched in my mind because it reflects her desire and need to take a moment to feel the love, the softness and playfulness of our puppy. She, at five years old, is demonstrating what it is like to be present and following her heart.

The above verse from Luke is referring to a generation of people who rejected God’s purpose for themselves. We will never know how wonderful, healthy and fun it is to dance if we don’t take a “God moment,” for we are living from our heads, which never have time for such frivolity. And if we don’t take a” God moment,” our hearts close and we turn away from those in need which we could support.

If we don’t take a “God moment,” we walk in the world criticizing and judging. We soon feel drained from all the dramas we invent or find ourselves in. However, when we do take “a God moment,” we live in the now, observing the world around us and allowing divine understanding to surface. Taking a “God moment” commits us to living and modeling a life that places spiritual awareness first, and when we live from our whole awareness we put ourselves into the flow of life where we naturally reach out to give our support to those who weep.

Taking a God Moment, a Chloe Moment, a Moment with one of your pets, lets love brush away the debris of the world, allows our minds to clear and places us in the center of our Heart, which is where God is.

Let’s take a Moment Now.
Rev. Janice


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