The Advent of Love

“I am a Radiating Center of Divine Love.”

To live in the world from Spiritual awareness is a mind set on seeing what is right, what is possible. It is a mind set that knows war, violence and other ego strategies are outdated.

I know it appears our world is faced with so many challenges from personal to global,  but if we are to practice our spiritual teachings and express the Christ light within us, which is Love, and is what Advent is all about, we might want to pay attention to how the Dalai Lama invites us to see things.

The Dalai Lama, Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, said on Thursday he supports the Beijing Olympics and opposed violent protests that have disrupted the Olympic torch relay around the world.  He said that “China’s use of violence was an outdated way to suppress unrest in Tibet and that whenever some crisis happens, just using violent suppression is actually an outdated method.”

Not only is it outdated but violence begets violence.  Nothing changes.

During Advent we are called to come up higher and to respond in Love rather than react in violence.
This week we light the candle of Love and we look at the story of the Magi who travelled from the East to see the baby in the manger.   How is this story relevant to us today? What is it saying?

Metaphysically this story is inviting us to turn our thinking nature inward, which is represented by the East.    The gifts brought to the child were Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
These gifts help us stay centered and respond in Love. For Gold represents the richness of Spirit in us; Frankincense is the beauty of Spirit that shines from our eyes; and Myrrh is the eternality of Spirit.

Know that the Olympic Torch, the Christ Light is in you and in others.  This is true Namaste, The Light in me sees the Light in you.  No amount of violence will put out that flame.

Rev Janice


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