The Answer is always Spiritual

This week I have been attending virtual CEU classes through Unity.  It has been inspiring and wonderful to see the many faces of Unity throughout our region.  One of the questions for reflection we discussed was how do we use our Unity Principles in a world that seems filled with chaos.

There were so many views and ways and all of them circled around the idea that the answer cannot be found in the world but the answer is always spiritual.  This insight can only be understood by those who have touched the Hem of the Garment and experienced first hand the healing that comes when the body/mind touches the spiritual realm.

How do we take this insight and live this in the world?  We can look to our way shower, Jesus, who lived at a time with as many issues and problems as we face today.  Homelessness, hunger, discrimination, warring tribes.  His answer was not to talk about how unfair something was, but his actions showed how to live from a higher awareness that all people were his brothers and sisters.

When Jesus was told his mother was looking for him while he was speaking to the crowd, his response was “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?  He stretched out his hand towards the multitude and said “Behold… whoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven, he is my brother, and sister and mother.”(Matthew 12:48)

Jesus is demonstrating that the spiritual is stronger than any human connection.  Those who place themselves under the light and guidance of Spirit are living from their highest purpose,  to be about our Father’s business.

What is the practical application of this?

Rev Jim Rosmergy writes in his book, Gatherings of the Few,  “Jesus never talked about the plight of women, but He treated women with respect and included them in his inner circle; Jesus never challenged the violence of gladiatorial conflict or wars but He did say ‘turn the other cheek.’  He opposed establishing the kingdom of God by conquest and issued the challenge of resist not evil.”

Unity’s Fifth Principle is to Live the Truth you Know.

Let us live in the world but not be of it.  Respond to what is before you with first compassion for yourself and then may your heart reach out and give where you can, to help where you are called, to surrender our ego’s need for being first or special or right.  In other words, realize you are loved and enough, because your humanness is sacred, so appreciate and honor it.  Realize we are all born into limited cultural worldviews that we must overcome so that we can celebrate the beauty of our diversity and welcome all into our Spiritual Family.

Welcome to Unity
Rev Janice


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