The Dismantling of Illusion

Just for today, leave your ideas, your notions, your opinions and your stories and enter an experience of timelessness.  After clearing the atmosphere of your Being, feel free to create, work, play and do all you are called to express on the medium we call the world, from a clear mind and open heart.

Notice the clarity, focus and calmness that surfaces.  No scolding, meanness or insanity – just a blank spaciousness inviting you to co-create and live from a time of Kairos, where the rhythm of the Universe is followed and completion, fulfillment and ease is experienced.

This Sunday we look at the qualities of Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is clock time and Kairos is the time of eternal fulfillment Kairos is the crack between the worlds where flowering occurs, perceptions broaden and minds change. The ego lives in Chronos time. It is urgent, critical and out for itself. Kairos is where healing, growth and all that is timeless, formless and precious resides.

Now the choice is yours – where do you wish to live


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