The Heart of Love is Shekinah

When love comes suddenly and taps on your window, run and let it in, but first shut the door of your reason.”  (Rumi).

Shekinah is a challenging word to write, as auto correct wants to keep changing it to sheepskin.  Not only is it challenging to write,  but to speak of this word is to speak of the Divine mystery herself.  We take shelter in the Shekinah.

In the Jewish tradition, the holiest of holy days is Shabbat, (the Hebrew word for the Sabbath).  We are advised to “keep the Sabbath holy.”  According to the book Wild Mercy by Mirabai Starr, Shekinah embodies the energies of Malkah, the Queen and Kallah, the Bride. She is the Holy Mother, favorite Sister, intimate Friend.  In Christianity, Shekinah is called Sophia, Holy Wisdom.

Why it is challenging to speak of Shekinah is her ephemeral nature. If you sit and recite Shekinah over and over again, the energies of Shekinah melt away our rough and sharp edges of opinions and beliefs and our hearts open and we begin to feel softer and kinder for our inner Being is being Resouled.  In that space of quiet Beinginess, Shekinah releases from us the spiritual substance and we become free from our restless nature and transformed into a peaceful Presence.

In my mind, Lady Liberty represents the Shekinah, a welcoming home of her children.

Wednesday at 11 am, I invite you to experience Shekinah in a meditation invoking us to notice her Presence.  For even though Shekinah is always with us, we must engage in the revolutionary act of voluntary simplicity.
This is quite a calling during a time of compulsive capitalism calling for our Soul.

Join us for an hour of Love,  sharing in Shekinah.

Rev Janice

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