The Message of One

The message of Unity, the messages given throughout scripture is that God is humanity’s unlimited supply.  It is through us, through our thoughts, words and actions we draw to us opportunities, ideas, people; We learn to observe the world though a lens of co-creation – taking responsibility and having a desire to respond to the world with the Divine qualities that God is.

I can’t get enough of this message. It seems too easy, especially as we look out upon the turmoil of the world. And that’s just it.  When we look outside of ourselves we need to remember we are seeing evolution.  A shift in cultural consciousness.  It’s a good thing.

We are becoming more conscious of our actions.  We are becoming more inclusive and diverse and accepting. That is pretty scary to some and so there is a lot of backlash.  Truth is often uncomfortable but when we dig deep into our Soul,  we discover a  well of wisdom to draw from.

There is so much good happening, even in the midst of the groaning and gnashing of teeth. So how are we to apply the Principle of Oneness to our daily lives?

Put Spirit first.  Connect with our Spiritual essence and gaze upon the world from a sense of empathy and compassion and a willingness to let go of our preconceived notions and let God live through us, as us.

Many are awakening to this Divine Mystery.
That in God we live and move and have our Being.

We must prepare for what we are asking for – This Sunday we will ask what is it you value?  What do you want to experience in your life next?

Stay Tuned
Rev Janice


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