The Naked Now – Learning to See as the mystics See.

Wednesday February 1 through March 8 at 7 Pm

I am excited about offering this class, The Naked Now by Richard Rohr.  This is a transformational class that calls us to let go at the deepest level. To notice what thoughts, beliefs, opinions we are holding onto.  It is our inner conversations that hold us back from living fully.

I am reminded of the passage Jesus brings to us “I when I am lifted up draw all unto me.”  (John 12:32) He is speaking of Presence. Presence of love. This is who we are!

Join us as we let go of all that we’ve learned and enter into a conversion experience – an experience where we see ourselves as Spirit, as One with God.  As we surrender our mental constructs, we let Spirit, this Mystery live us by letting Love flow through us into the world.  We become conscious of where we are playing small and reclaim the lost Spiritual tradition of Christianity experiencing that all of life is a love song.

This is our opportunity to live as contemporary urban mystics in the world.   We reprioritize our lives by living Spiritually aware through practicing the Presence of God and placing Spirit  at the front of our lives, knowing that as we live, aware of our Spiritual identity, whatever we may face in the world, all we ever need we draw to ourselves.

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday February 1 through March 8 at 7 Pm in our sanctuary or you can attend on Zoom.

Cost is $10 per class.  Log in information is 772-461-2272.
You can pay through PayPal or Zelle.
If you use Zelle you must add my name as a recipient the first time.

Janice Cary  772-461-2272.  Recipient type is Business. Click next; it will confirm this mobile number belongs to Unity of Fort Pierce.

Let the Love Affair Begin,
Rev Janice Cary


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