The Ride of your Life

“Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.”

Our individual life stories begin in our mother’s womb.   Research has shown how our mother’s health, mental and physical affected our development and the stories our parents lived from contributed to our being well cared for and wanted during gestation or the thought of our particular developing form was seen as an inconvenient truth.
And once we arrived into the world, we became immersed into more stories, cultural, religious, political,  and these stories began to form the way we see ourselves, others and our world.

Palm Sunday begins Holy week.  Holy week is a spiritual week where we learn to dismantle our sense of human identity which follows the cry of humanity, walking in lockstep with national pride, slogans, agendas and subtle manipulations, “come this way – vote this way.” to following the “Christ” light of our Being which if we quiet the mind our heart reveals the Oneness of all life and the voice of wisdom to Trust Life,  Trust Love, Trust God.

Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey was not to fulfill his human will as Jesus or a cultural, national, religious story but  was to fulfill the purpose of the Christ which dismantles and releases us from all the barnacles of story, allowing Love to be revealed and the light of Oneness realized.

“Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord” is a way in which we overcome whatever story and appearance we’ve been born into and to hold in mind the Truth of Being, the interdependence and interconnectedness of all physical life and the Spiritual Oneness which animates all things.
We are not the thing we are the awareness which Lives.


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