The Spiritual Practice of ‘Not Doing’

A friend recently asked me if I had ever been to one of those spiritual retreats that are put on by Deepak Chopra or other spiritual teachers?  I said I had seen Dr Chopra at a Unity Center in Naples, years ago, and I had been to retreats at our Unity Headquarters in Kansas City.  I also said that we put on a yearly summer retreat at Unity of Fort Pierce.

However, rather than go to a very expensive retreat,  we invite people to “live their life as a retreat” every day by engaging in one of the many spiritual classes we offer every day.  Classes  such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, spiritual classes.

If you don’t want to leave your home, and still want to engage in a spiritual practice, take a moment to stop and practice the spiritual art of ‘not doing.’  Rev Robert Brummet writes in his book Living Originally, that “the seeds of transformation lie within each of us awaiting our activation.”
I can hear his voice saying “you can go to all the workshops you want, but until you put your tush on the cush, its all theory.”

Sit quietly and do nothing. Pay attention to your breath.  Soon you will notice uncomfortable physical sensations, distracting thoughts and the siren call of many many tasks calling you. The practice is to notice them without reacting and then return to the breath.  This is taming our ego’s demand for constant attention.

This is practicing the spiritual art of “not doing.”

Blessings on your Journey

Rev Janice


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